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Historical Cost Principle Historical vs Fair Value

The historical cost principle is widely accepted in accounting standards, including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Compliance with these standards is essential for businesses to report their financial performance accurately and transparently to investors and other stakeholders. Compliance with these standards is vital for businesses to report their financial […]

How to Write an Effective Grant Application

Content Needs Statement & Problem Statement How to Write a Good Proposal for a Non-Profit Orgnization What Characteristics Make a Grant Proposal Successful? UNC resources for proposal writing How to Finish Your Business Plan in 1 Day! Step 4. Write a direct problem statement Grants are typically very competitive, and only the most well-crafted and […]

Fixed Assets Accounting Definition + Examples

Content Understanding Assets The example of those fixed assets include: Depreciation of Fixed Asset Top 5 Depreciation and Amortization Methods (Explanation and Examples) Calculation of the Ending Period Value Since machines are expected to provide economic benefits for more than one accounting period, they are rightfully classified as fixed assets. It is used to determine […]

Law Firm Accounting Job Descriptions FACTUMEVENT

Content What is trust accounting used for? Log in to Smart, Simple Small Business Bookkeeping Solutions Accounting Software Buyers Guide What are some tips for effective bookkeeping for a law firm? Accounting best practices for law firms These are assets and liabilities that are held and managed by your organization as a Trustee. These […]

Financial Controller with Cost Accounting Skills Salary in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2023

Content Similar Jobs to Bookkeeper What is the highest pay for Financial Controllers in Las Vegas? Las Vegas, Nevada Accountant Salary ranges How much does an accounting clerk make in Las Vegas, NV? The U.S. Marshals Service requires the expertise and dedicated work of a diverse staff of administrative personnel to meet its mission requirements. […]

How To Do A Bank Reconciliation: Step By Step

Understand customer data and performance behaviors to minimize the risk of bad debt and the impact of late payments. Using a schedule of general ledger accounts, analyze capital accounts by transaction for any additions or subtractions. The spreadsheet should include beginning balance, additions, subtractions, and any adjustments required for recording to agree with the general […]