Interfaith Latin Connections

Historically, Latin America has received a long custom of interreligious activism. However , a lot of it has been done in a very informal and random way. More recently, this activism happens to be consolidated through various networks of folks, including teachers and learners, human rights activists, retired Peace Corps volunteers, and a number of religiously prepared persons.

Many of these groupings work together to deal with specific humanitarian issues, and also serve as important links among local and global communities. For instance , the Argentine-based organization Coexistence in the Middle East supplies valuable assets into a wide variety of school and interreligious systems around the world.

This kind of interreligious workings has had a profound effect on Latina American the community and traditions, but is often overlooked by students. It also offers the potential to generate a new understanding of religion in the Latin American framework.

In the past, some Catholics viewed marriages with non-Catholics as being a opportunity to convert their spouses. However , this kind of trend has changed with Pope Francis’ new statements demonstrating the fact that intermarriages needs to be treated as an opportunity pertaining to conversation rather than being a missionary prospect.

The results of this study reaffirm that spirituality is an integral part of many Latinas/os’ lives. That they connect with God through their romance with friends and family, the community, and nature. Their very own sense of God’s occurrence also enables them to defeat personal and family hardships and provides them the strength to shoot for social alter. This is consistent with the findings of the number of Latino Christian theologians just who currently have emphasized that spirituality for many Latinas/os may include the ideals of personalismo and simpatico, which offer a context for a strong connection to God.

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