Navigating & Coping With Job Search Depression

When you experience a career setback, it’s natural to withdraw. You don’t want to have to tell your family and friends that you lost your job or the promotion you told everyone about didn’t materialize. To avoid awkwardness in social settings, people pull back.

❌ Ignoring soft skills in a CV might lead to missed opportunities. ❌ Sending the same CV and cover letter to different companies is not the most effective strategy. Make a list of the job positions that are a priority to you.

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It is very easy to paint yourself as a victim during the job search process. You’ve probably heard the advice to “treat the job search like a job” and this approach can be a good one for your mental health. There are reasons why the job search takes a psychological toll. If you’re refreshing your inbox every few minutes or perusing job boards constantly, you’re keeping your body and mind in a high-alert stress mode that can do damage over time. There is always hope for those suffering from job search depression. Beyond your personal relationships, reach out to a career coach or therapist.

how to deal with depression during job search

Keep in mind that while your job search may take some time, it won’t last forever. Staying organized will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with the job search process. It’ll also help you keep all of your priorities and responsibilities in balance. If you don’t get that dream job you applied for, have a plan ready to pick yourself up. Focus on what you can learn from the experience rather than feeling rejected. Experiencing job loss is like any other type of loss or grief.

Stay social

As you develop more ways to cope with your situation, you’ll likely find that you’re more motivated and energized to get back into the job search. Before you do, though, be sure to take a minute to assess how you’ve been doing things and decide if there is anything you can do to improve your results. The answer may not be obvious, and if you can’t pinpoint the issue, then it’s worth doing a quick refresh of your application materials and online presence.

A positive mindset helps you embrace your imperfections despite your job hunting depression. Embracing your flaws can lead to feelings of personal satisfaction and success, rather than feelings of failure if you don’t achieve something perfectly. 53% say they’ve felt like they lost a piece of their identity during the job hunt process. 56% say they’ve experienced more emotional or mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, due to their unemployment. The pandemic, the heightened focus on racial injustices, and the overriding political divisiveness we’re experiencing pushes many people into a negative mindset, or even job search depression.

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